If you are trading manually, it means that you are analysing technical indicators and try to get insights to make decisions on buying or selling the asset. On the other side, an automated trading experience means that you are guiding or teaching the software to look for certain signals and translate them into buying or selling decisions.

Technical Analysis

The technical analysis is a tool and a technique of analysing financial markets and deciding on your trading strategies. It studies the past movements of asset prices, identifies the patterns and how they repeat, and tries to define the direction of the future prices.

Technical analysis assumptions

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the process of gathering all the outside factors which might impact a price asset. The outside factors might be economic, political, seasonal or any kind of influence. They are macroeconomic like the state of the economy in general, government restriction, diplomatic, economical relation between states.

A wider approach: How does the wider economy, including GDP growth, trading conditions, exchange rates, demand, inflation, interest rates and unemployment, affect the business and its competitors?

A closer approach: How strong are the cash flow, revenues and profits? Does the board have a strong team with a good track record?

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