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Unlimited trading opportunities, a fast and reliable technology, an excellent customer service and an overall trading environment worth trading with.

Excellent customer support

We provide our clients with personal account managers who guide them all the time. There is 24/5 email, phone support for every trader.

Reliable, advanced technology

Access SolidStocks Webtrader, advanced trading platforms yet easy to use and user-friendly interface. High-security levels of trading through platforms.

Trade on the infinity of financial markets

Currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices,soft commodities and hard commodities are all available for you to trade.

Reliable Trading Provider

We are managing 1.3 million active traders on our platforms, for more than 9 years in this industry.

Our Story

How we started

We started our journey in 2009, we specialized in Forex trading. We used to help our clients in building healthy portfolios and generating profits. In 2012 we started to trade commodities in order to safely diversify our clients trading portfolios. As we saw that Cryptocurrency started to become a trend,we jumped to providing Crypto trading services. The success of our services was out of our expectations, so we expanded our teams and branches. In 2018, we had 5 different departments, each of them headed and compounded by specialists of the fields. Today, we number 8 branches in the biggest economic centers of the world.

Our Teams

Our company is successful because of the talented people. Our team of developers who take care of trading platforms and their adaptability with our systems are really our heroes. Of course, our team of account managers, financial advisors, trading experts and customer service agents are people who keep this company in 100% service of the clients. We are proud and grateful for having built such a big family, where everybody is involved, growing, feeling happy and motivated. We have tried to create a great trading experience for our clients, but also to create a friendly environment to work on. And we did it!

High Security Levels

Your online transfers are protected by SSL security system, the same security system that banks are using. Your funds are kept in segregated accounts, you can check and manage anything related to your investment through the dashboard of your trading account.

Negative Balance Protection

We have certain policies to protect our clients from negative balance. You will not lose more than you can afford to lose. Different from the other trading companies, we protect our clients from the accounts which go under 0 balance.

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